About HeadStart Primary Ltd

Dear Colleague,

Here at HeadStart Primary we sell engaging Maths and English teaching materials which are targeted at primary schools, although they are equally beneficial for lower high school age pupils.

All the staff who write for HeadStart Primary have many years of teaching experience and have a wide knowledge of which resources are effective for the development of children’s learning.

As a former primary headteacher, I was very fortunate in leading a dedicated and highly skilled team of teachers and teaching assistants to achieve an ‘outstanding’ grade at my last Ofsted inspection.

My ethos as CEO at HeadStart Primary is the same as it has been throughout my teaching career. I believe success can be achieved by applying tried and tested principles with care, determination and consistency.

I know how busy teachers are and I understand that teachers need top quality, easy to use and time saving resources to help them with the demands of delivering a new curriculum.

Our materials are designed with great care and attention to detail. The process of writing the materials starts with the focus on the child and how the content will help an individual pupil learn. The most important person in a child’s school day is their class teacher and class teachers need resources that are effective in supporting their high-quality teaching.

School leaders understand the need for a consistent systematic approach across the school and whilst our materials meet this criteria, they also complement and facilitate good and outstanding teaching and assessment for learning techniques

I believe our materials are top quality but please don’t take my word for it. Put them to the test. If you have any questions at all, I would be delighted to answer them personally. You can ring 01200 423405 or email info@headstartprimary.com

Peter Sumner – Chief Executive Officer

HeadStart Primary Ltd.